1 day

Last day. Wow. Time really does move quick. The EP technically comes out today due to the fact that they push albums out at midnight east coast time. I am every emotion bottled into one. I hope you enjoy it. 

All Eyes: I produced this record shortly after MLBB dropped. I personally feel I haven't touched this vibe sonically. The synths have such a unique sound to them which captivated me instantly. It feels like the beat made itself. All of the elements came so naturally- which is not something that is normal for me when producing.

I can't wait to peep Rap Genius to see how people dissect the lyrics. It's not as literal as it might sound. Like I stated in the last entry- I don't want to fill your brain with too much info regarding True Colors and All Eyes. After you digest it, tweet me your thoughts.

That's it for now. I'm too excited to write. I'm too excited to do any of the million things I should be doing to prep for this release/tour. My life is in shambles and that is 100% okay for the night.  

2 day

I feel such a way right now. I'm so excited and have been for a few weeks, that I've gone numb to it. I'm beyond sore from that hour work out sesh two nights ago. I've had freelance gigs for the past three days. But nothing can bring me down. Covered In Color should be out April 13th around 10pm PDT time. That's basing it off of past releases. Either way I can't wait for you to hear what I've been working on for the past 7 months. 

True Colors: This record got scrapped, rewritten, and rerecorded many of times. It's the one record on the project that I really struggled with. To help you understand what I mean by "struggle with" I will explain it how I did to my friend Elliott last night. Typically when I'm writing a song I have a pretty clear idea on what it is going to sound like once it's all said and done. For some reason, what I was hearing in my head wasn't what I was recording. It went from sounding too boring all the way to too happy. I couldn't find my balance with it. Ultimately, decided I hated the record but then Ava gave me one of her classic movie trope fourth quarter come back speeches and something just clicked. I approached True Colors with a new mindset and ended up loving the sound of it. 

I love what this song represents and the memories that I'm rehashing but for the last two records I'd rather- at least for now, leave that up to you to interpret. 

3 days

I just got back from the gym after not working out for a month and now I feel like death. Isn't it weird how the things that are great for your body and soul sometimes make you feel the worst in the moment? 

No Sleep: This record is my fucking jam. No Sleep is the start of me finding my sound. Every record prior to this always felt like I barley missed the home run. Now, I'm not saying by any means that No Sleep is a homer but damn did it feel like it when I finished it. Part of progressing- at least for me, is getting what I hear in my head and turning it into something tangible. And after I sit on it for a couple hours/days/months/years I look back and realize what I can do better. 

The writing process for this song was a tad tricky. I knew I wanted to tell a story, instead of just random bars so it made arrangement a little tough. While at the same time the real life events that I pulled from made it easy. I guess it was more finding the balance on what exactly I wanted to pull from said events. My favorite bar off top is "I'm under the influence cuz you got me feeling a way". Even though I might have been less than sober, I was more referring to being so intoxicated by a person you literally feel drunk/high just by being around them. 

Not only do I love the story telling/performance aspect of this song- I also produced the entire record. By far, it's my favorite beat that I have ever produced. Damn, if I made a beat a day I would be pretty skilled in that department but I really only make a handful of beats a year. If I'm being honest, I get discouraged easily in the producing part of things. I always tend to overcomplicate them. 

If for some reason you have yet to watch the music video for No Sleep- do yourself a favor. 


4 days

Little Things: I brought in the New Year while recording this record with Maesu. While everybody was out indulging in explicit activies to celebrate another year- we were in my Los Angeles apartment working. It was the same day as this vlog (http://bit.ly/2pjbHmx). Little Things is the first time I've successfully created exactly what I heard in my head. And similar to the last two posts, this song came pretty easy. Now that I think about it, none of the songs were difficult to write besides True Colors. It helps that everything I talk about in my songs are things that I've experienced. 

Little Things is all about finding balance in your life. I tend to make myself feel guilty for enjoying life and taking moments without thinking about work. It is still something I struggle with, but I feel like, especially during the writing of this project, I have gotten way better at it. After the last project dropped, I focused more on having fun and not putting as much pressure on myself. I can tell that it has helped- purely based on the final product. Side note, my girlfriend Ava wanted me to share that the lyric about a delicate flower is 100% about her. I know you have yet to hear said lyric but it was very important to her that I shared that. 

5 days

Somebody asked me if I hired PR to help push "Covered In Color" yesterday. That was funny. Not in the typical ha-ha sense but more of a, I don't have extra duckets to do something so necessary.  Sometimes I wish I had a label that would help me with things like this. Let's face it, doing everything yourself is nearly impossible and way too expensive.  But I digress.

Groove: This record is the most current song I wrote/recorded but is literally the most dated. Due to the fact that I am revisiting feelings I had when I was in high school. Growing up around friends who abused drugs was the norm. I remember vividly how uncomfortable I felt when my friends left me in the living room to go do coke in the bedroom. What a time. Fast forward 10 years, all I can do is reflect and hope that those same people are doing well.

The record "Groove" was rewritten twice within the span of a couple days but each time it felt so easy. I made the original beat for this record and sent it off to my dude Rvdicalthekid to flip it. Like always, the dude killed it. 

6 days

In six days project "Covered In Color" will be available for you to listen to. A super digestible 18 minutes that took me 8 months to finish. It's funny- I always feel the most motivated to write an entire new project the moments right before you hear something fresh from me. Maybe its the nerves- who knows? I can confidently say that this time feels a bit different than the past. I'm standing tall with these 6 records as I am so proud of the progression. With each song that I wrote on this project I felt inches closer to catching my sound. I think it would be interesting from a consumers point of view to read about the songs before listening. So, I'm going to do that in the next 6 days. 


Tone: This record truly means a lot to me and its probably my favorite thus far. I hold it dearly because from start to finish it felt like mine. I sought out to produce a very minimalistic beat- which is something I've been scared to do. Once I figured out the chord progression I instantly added drums but nothing ever felt right. So instead of forcing anything I muted the drums and wrote the entire song just to the looped organ. The writing process came pretty quickly and was one of those songs that just fell out over the span of two days. I trashed the drums, recorded the vocals, threw in some snaps and sat on that for a few months. There was too much empty space and I knew it was missing some form of swing. I've always loved big band music- Frank is my dude, so I knew a horn section would fit perfectly. I hired Danny Levin- explained the vibe I was searching for and he killed it. Danny sent me multiple takes of him improvising on the track from start to finish. Once I got the files I went through every take, picked my favorites and resampled it back into the beat. 

Initially, the entire project was going to be very minimalistic. That didn't exactly happen but I believe it's for the best. I always try and encapsulate how I was feeling during those 8 months and I think these 18 minutes did just that. I can't wait for you to hear that.